Effectively Dealing with Panic Attacks

The key to effectively dealing with panic attacks is to maintain a sense of calm in order to prevent accelerating the symptoms you may experience.

You’re probably familiar with the expression “Stop, Drop, and Roll.” It’s a fire safety technique taught to school kids as well as adults. The most critical instruction here is “STOP.” When you experience the symptoms of a panic attack, your first order of business is to stop being fearful, stop focusing on what you are feeling with a sense of dread, stop allowing the physical symptoms to control you. You cannot call upon the powers of your mind if it is gripped by fear.

As we mentioned in our previous post. we cannot provide you with medical advice for the symptoms you might experience. This is a serious matter, and you need to consult your doctor. Only he or she can properly diagnose your symptoms and the underlying causes.

Web MD offers a useful article, “Helping Someone During a Panic Attack.” If your doctor determines that this is in fact what you are experiencing, you may find this information to be useful. The first item on their list is “stay calm.”

Medical conditions such as Anxiety and Panic Attacks can be treated, but more importantly, they must be managed by the patient. This includes an understanding of what a Panic Attack is, and how to respond to it. Follow us on Facebook and this Living Healthy Blog to learn more.

Effectively Dealing with Panic Attacks