Give Your Body The Right Fuel For Healthy Weight Loss

Give your body the right fuel for healthy weight loss. U.S. News and World Report recently published a ranking of the most popular diet programs, and the ones that came out at the top offered a balance of healthy eating and behavior modification.

The key to success with any diet or eating regimen is to view it as a reward rather than a punishment.

It’s not about what you are giving up. It’s about what you are doing to provide your body with the foods it needs so that you can achieve peak physical and mental fitness. It’s about having the mental clarity, stamina, and enthusiasm to go out into the world and achieve your goals, It’s about you, not the foods you should or should not eat.

You’ve heard the expression “all things in moderation.” Unless your doctor has told you that you have a specific food allergy or reaction and should avoid those foods completely, you can enjoy the foods you like in moderation. I have owned and operated two very successful restaurants for many years, both of which have pizza at the heart of the menus. I tell my friends that I can enjoy pizza, but one or two slices, not an entire pie by myself.

“Fad” diets will never work for you in the long term if they are not balanced in the right nutrients that your body requires. Starving yourself and depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy will only lead to a resentment of what you are doing, and a need to compensate for this unhappy behavior with over-eating in the future.

I invite you to continue following me on this Living Healthy Blog as I help you determine the choices that are right for you, for the “long haul,” so that you may enjoy a long, happy, and fulfilled life.

Give Your Body The Right Fuel For Healthy Weight Loss