Homemade Greek Yogurt


Yogurt plays a major role in the fight against osteoporosis and a host of 145+ diseases caused from calcium deficiency.

Yogurt is one of 20 Comfort Foods that I experimented with for better health, as documented included in my book. I am delighted to share the following recipe with you.


1 gallon of whole milk or 2% fat free or skimmed milk

4 oz plain yogurt

You can buy both of these ingredients in any super market.  We suggest that you use 2% fat free milk.


Put the milk that you prefer in any pot and bring it to a boil. Stay with it so that it will not over boil from the pot and mess up your stove!  Then, take it down from the stove to one of the warmest spots in your house. Let the milk cool down by itself until it is at the point that you can put your smallest finger of your right hand in and you can keep it there for a little bit!  You want the milk to be comfortably warm, but not burning your finger to where you will pull it out and not cold either.

If the milk temperature-wise, is in either of these stages, the yeast yogurt that you put in there won’t work, and the next morning you won’t have yogurt.

Then, pour in the 4 oz of yeast yogurt slowly with one hand and stir it with the other with any big spoon slowly.  Next, get a bunch of sweaters and / or blankets and cover it warmly.  Let it stay there overnight.

The next morning, open it and put it in your refrigerator to cool it. Leave it there for 3 hours and you are ready to enjoy it, plain, or with fruits, or any jam or anything else!  Super healthy comfort food and very cost effective these tough days!

If the next morning you don’t get yogurt, send us a message via our Contact Form above. We will give you our advice on how to succeed in making it.  The milk, you still can drink it. The process is as simple as we described it.

Good luck and enjoy it!

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