Light Exercise to Manage Blood Pressure

Today I would like to discuss how you can engage in light exercise to manage blood pressure.

When you hear the word “exercise,” what is your immediate reaction? Some people savor the activity, while others imagine the worst. Yes, you can join a fitness club and use free weights, aerobic equipment, and weight machines to tone and strengthen your body. But this is not the only path to fitness, and especially managing your blood pressure.

But this is not the only path to fitness. You can simply become more focused and determined in the activities you probably engage in daily.

The Mayo Clinic lists household chores, walking, and climbing stairs among the more aggressive forms of exercise, jogging, and bicycling. You CAN start small and work your way into a more robust agenda at your own pace.

In the beginning, you do not need any equipment. You do not need to spend a penny.

You just need to look in the mirror and tell yourself “I want to be well.”

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Light Exercise to Manage Blood Pressure