The Many Benefits of Super Healthy Foods

What is a “Super Healthy Food?” It is simply food that not only tastes great, but also offers you a multitude of restorative, healing, and energizing properties. You do not need to buy high-priced, processed foods which have “added” vitamins and minerals. The super healthy foods you can find in nature, and on your supermarket shelves, are true powerhouses of nutrition.

Here’s one example of a Super Healthy Food in action…oranges.

The the many health benefits of oranges include: helps prevent cancer, prevents kidney diseases, reduces risk of liver cancer, lowers cholesterol, boosts heart health, lowers risk of a variety of diseases, fights against viral infections, relieves constipation, helps treat eye health…and more.

In my book “38 Super Healthy Foods: A Unique Manual to Health, Wellness, and Healing,” I discuss the foods that I found most healing and beneficial during my 25+ years of research and practice of my principles in my own life. During my Interactive Health and Wellness Seminars, Personal Coaching Services and Keynote Speeches, I share my personal success story with you and help you identify the areas of your health and overall fitness in which you would most like to improve.

Please take special note of the word “success.” These principles work. They worked for me, and they will work for you. It is my personal mission to show you how. Please contact me at or by phone at (803) 416-2846 today.Super HEalthy foods Oranges