My Natural Healing Foods Book

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My natural healing foods book, 38 Super Healthy Foods, details how foods that heal can not only help your present health but can also prevent diseases.

Learn about foods that heal the gut and other important systems in the body. I believe that this approach can improve your life:

Your quality of life will be better and you will also increase the chances of adding years to your life.

I wondered why more healthcare professionals didn’t talk about the benefits of the diet I used. That’s why I decided to write 38 Super Healthy Foods.

Some books on healing foods are written by doctors with many years of medical training. Others are written by nutritionists from both traditional and holistic approaches.

The difference between many of these publications and my natural healing foods book is that I lived the story myself.

38 Super Healthy Foods is available in a Kindle edition from Amazon as well as Epub, Mobi, PDF, RTF, LRF, PDB, and HTML formats from Smashwords.