Personal Coaching

Meet your goals with Personal Coaching Sessions from Gus Deligiannids.

Personal Coaching sessions with Gus give you direct access to his 25+ years of personal experience and proven success in Complete Health Through Nutrition. You may use our Contact Form at the link above to schedule your initial free consultation. Let today be your first powerful step toward better health and healing.

Personal Coaching

Gus will guide and inspire you to achieve optimum health through his documented program of Complete Health Through Nutrition, while sharing his personal story of how proper nutrition, weight loss and light exercise transformed his own life,

In your Personal Coaching Sessions, Gus will show you how to:

  1. Lower your cholesterol naturally, without medications.
  2. Shed extra pounds.
  3. Lower your blood pressure by introducing Super Healthy Foods into your diet.
  4. Reduce your anxiety level and frequency of panic attacks.
  5. Resolve your calcium deficiency, which can potentially be at the root of over 140 diseases.

Contact Gus today via our Contact Form above to learn more about his Personal Coaching services.

A Unique Documentary of Health through Nutrition is a documented story on four major health problems that were treated and healed alternatively. These were:

1. Blood Pressure

2. Weight Loss

3. High Cholesterol

4. Anxiety Disorder.

Read it, enjoy it, practice it, and share it with a friend.