3 Tasty Ways Olive Oil Can Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease – cont.

Olive Oil Varieties

As I mentioned last week , I am presenting 3 ways you can easily incorporate heart-healthy olive oil into your diet.  In a study published by the American Heart Association, if you previously had a cardiac episode, you can lower your risk of having another one by maintaining a Mediterranean diet.  The Mediterranean diet uses olive oil more than any other fat, and it is one of the most helpful diets in preventing heart disease.

Here is this weeks’ tip:

2)  Use in Frying

Most people believe that frying with olive oil is too difficult.  In my experience, using extra virgin olive oil to fry foods is perfectly fine, and is actually preferable, than frying in other saturated fats such as vegetable oil.  The trick for frying with olive oil is to remember good olive oil doesn’t smoke until it reaches around 400 degrees.  This high “smoke factor” makes it hard to gauge when you reach the proper temperature you need to thoroughly cook your food. Heat olive oil to between 350 or 370 degrees using a temperature gauge for the best results in frying. Prevent burning your olive oil (and your dinner) by slowly bringing it up to the correct temperature.

Fried foods are not ideal for your health and I recommend removing them from your diet completely, however by using olive oil in place of your vegetable oil, your body will receive at least some of its beneficial properties.

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