What are YOUR fitness goals?

My friends, I invite you to take the first step TODAY toward achieving your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, manage your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reduce stress and anxiety, you can begin improving all of these conditions TODAY.

I am available to serve you in a number of ways…through my books A Unique Documentary of Health Through NutritionThe Workbook of The Unique Documentary of Health Through Nutrition, and 38 Super Healthy Foods: A Unique Manual to Health, Wellness and Healing, my Personal Coaching Services, my availability as a Keynote Speaker for your organization, and my Interactive Health and Wellness Seminars

You may contact me directly at gus@completehealththroughnutrition.com or by phone at (803) 416-2846. The proven, time-tested principles that have resulted in my current state of robust health are at the ready to meet YOUR needs, starting TODAY!

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