Wild Salmon Versus Farm-Raised Salmon

What are the pros and cons regarding Wild Salmon versus Farm-Raised Salmon?

In my book 38 Super Healthy Foods: A Unique Manual To Health, Wellness, and Healing, I reference an article from Fitday, “5 Reasons You Should Incorporate Wild Salmon into Your Diet.”

The article states the following:

“Farm-raised salmon may be injected with antibiotics and color-enhancing chemicals. Whereas wild salmon eat other fish, farm salmon may be fed other foods so that they can be produced in mass quantities. Wild salmon, therefore, is the healthier option.” The 5 reasons to incorporate Wild Salmon into your diet are:

1. Prevent High Cholesterol

2. Prevent High Blood Pressure

3. Protect Against Cancer

4. Promote Eye Health

5. Prevent Excessive Weight Gain

I encourage you to read this very informative article, and to add this super food to your diet soon.

Wild Salmon Versus Farm-Raised Salmon