It Worked for Gus, It Will Work for You

It worked for Gus, it will work for you

We can sum up the value of Complete Health Through Nutrition in nine words: It worked for Gus, it will work for you. Through his Books, Personal Coaching Services, and Interactive Health and Wellness Seminars, Gus provides many ways for you to take advantage of his extensive research, which has spanned over a quarter of a century.

It worked for Gus, and it will work for you. Gus studied a wide array of foods. He carefully investigated the value of vitamins, supplements and medications in comparison the the nutrients that are naturally present in our most common foods. By implementing the results of his research in his own life, he experienced dramatic (and healthy) weight loss, controlled his anxiety, lowered his blood pressure and cholesterol, and much more. As the owner of two successful restaurants, his schedule is rigorous and demanding, and his robust health allows him to meet the demands of each day.

It worked for Gus. It will work for you. We encourage you to visit the resources available on this site and contact Gus today for a free initial consultation.